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Kissing it better

Dean gets in a fight with on of the cast member from The Hobbit and Aidan defends him and takes care of Dean's bruises after.

Written for the prompt "Dean gets in a fight with, one of the cast members of The Hobbit & Aidan defends him and takes care of Dean bruises he got." on Tumblr. My first prompt-fic- Please don't hate me for using James, he's a lovely man for what I've seen and the cast seem to get on so well that it was so hard to choose, but he's one of the cast I'm more familiar with so that's why :)

I don't own Aidan or Dean, and this isn't beta'd.. Sorry! Hope you enjoy it!

Dean gritted his teeth at the fifth comment he overheard One more He vowed to himself one more and he would flip.

They had been filming for about a month now, and whilst he had clicked with certain cast members like Aidan, Graham and Richard right away, it had been clear from the start those who preferred Rob in the role. Sure it was childish and immature and Dean should just put it down to the nonsense that it was, but after a while he found biting his tongue more difficult; and he found the mutters and murmurs more indiscreet.

They were sat in a pub a few miles off from the studios enjoying a rare night off for all the dwarfs and Martin when it happened. However, not a second after his self-calming thought, he heard James mutter a response.

"Oh yeah, and it's not like he's eve trie to fit in. Staying on the fringes like an adolescent  it's pathetic. He's hardly being professional-" The Irishman had barely finished his sentence when the scrape of a stool against the flagstone floor drew everyone's attention to a furious Dean O'Gormon leaning over James' shoulder, staring down with a menace none of the cast members had seen in him before. Maybe they didn't even realise he had it in him.

"You know" he spat "if you're going to insult me, say it to my face. All of you. Me pathetic? Look at yourselves, you're grown men for God's sake, not bitchy school girls!"

James' face dropped and his brows drew close together "well maybe we do have something to say Dean. Maybe if you weren't so aloof all the time we could say it to you." He stood to meet the blonde's eyes with his own, equally as riled up with drink and emotion.

"Guys, guys pipe down. This is stupid, you'll make a scene." Graham attempted to pacify the men staring one another out.

"Aloof?" Dean spluttered enraged, ignoring Graham's comment "That's not aloof Nesbitt, that's feeling unwelcome. Maybe if you'd ever extended some kind of friendship in the first place-"

"Oh so the little man needs a baby sitter now huh?" he replied with a sharp barking laugh, the rest of the cast staring incredulously at the two and their argument that had come from nowhere. They were all slightly shocked to intervene- and in a twisted way intrigued to see where this was going. All apart from Aidan who fidgeted with his hands awkwardly.

He knew where Dean was coming from, sure he had heard the mutters, been let in on the sly jokes and it had upset him but he thought it was just cast banter- he didn't think it was meant with malice, not really. Dean was his friend, they were close; if he'd had any idea that the blonde had heard the things some of the guys were saying, then, well. He was ashamed that he hadn't spoken up before hand. Yet he was still in two minds. If he intervened, James looked just about heated enough to punch him and he didn't want that, James was his sort-of link to home after all. If he didn't, something could happen to Dean- and he didn't want that either, that was the last thing he wanted.  He coughed nervously.

The argument had continued without him while he tossed over his thoughts in his head and now it appeared that a few others had joined James in trading insults with those who had joined Dean's side. This clearly wasn't getting any better on it's own.

Some of the elder members, along with Martin (conflicted for obvious reasons of having to get along with all of them) and Aidan looked around at one another nervously. Perhaps this would resolve itself and they would all be back to sharing jokes like usual.

Apparently not, however.

Aidan didn't know who threw the first punch, he only heard the slam of hands against shoulders, and the grunt of angered breaths as the pair's argument turned more physical. By the time Aidan's head had whipped from looking at his feet to the fighting co-stars, the bartender was over and ordering the out. All of them, now. He'd have no fighting here, no matter who they were Oh, this is going to be fun in the morning. Great publicity guys! e groaned internally.

And then they were on the dusty pavement outside the little pub, jostling over one another to stop the pair who were really going at it now. No longer pushing and shouting, punches were being thrown left right and centre, and adrenaline was coursing through Aidan's veins like wildfire.

He pushed two of his fellow actors out of the way to try and prise James off of Dean who was scramming at the elder's arm. "Guys, guys stop it!" he shouted. running a hand through his hair.

"Get off Aidan, this has nothing to do with you" Dean warned, his eyes flashing dangerously to meet his own for a second before James' fist collided with Dean's jawbone who slumped to the ground with a groan. Aidan was only vaguely aware of the roar that escaped him before he had James' collar bunched up in his fists and the elder against the stone wall of the pub, his teeth bared in anger.

"You're a bully" he slammed his fists inwards, feeling for a bizarre moment slightly Mitchell again with a surreal thought "if you want someone to punch, how about someone your own size. Or are you scared?" he imitated James' Northern accent, realising the mistake he made when he saw the flash of anger rip through James and had a split second to duck before a fist breezed past his left ear.

It took all twelve of them to pull the pair apart in the end. Shouts of "What's wrong with you both?" and "Have you had a backwards lobotomy?!" came from Mark and Graham whose hands were twisted in James' jacket who's head was hung in shame as the air and rough pushing had begun to clear the alcohol from his brain.

The fourteen men stood stunned in the street for about five minutes, gasping and reeling from the surreal experience they's just had. Aidan, who had moved back to his friend, arm around Dean -pretty much keeping him vertical- couldn't even see James for the crowd of his co-workers, all muttering words of rebuke and disbelief. None quite understanding how James and Dean's fight had turned into Aidan pushing James wildly backwards until the elder gave in.
Dean's eyes were wide and he leant against Aidan's arm, panting. The brunette could hear him whispering to himself "Shit, oh shit. Shit I'm sorry. What have I done?" under his breath and his innards twisted horribly at the thought of what would happen next but the crowd began to part and James' face appeared guilty and apologetic before them, wiping at a split in his swollen lip and Aidan's thoughts were distracted for a second, making a mental not never to get in the way of Dean's right hook.

"Shit Dean mate, I'm sorry." he walked closer to the blonde, palms facing outwards as Dean's head raised to see the elder approaching tentatively "I've been an ass haven't I?"

Dean shook his head, and Aidan worried that round two was about to kick off, along with all the other men who hovered between them wearily "No James, I'm sorry" came the blonde's reply and twelve identical sighs of relief hit the night air "I over reacted. You're right, it was childish- I should have opened up more. I guess I needed a slap to realise how sulky I've been." he grinned ruefully at James, the pair clearly filed with guilt as they observed each other's cuts and bruises and swollen cheek bones.

"No Dean. Of course you shouldn't have, we- I should have been more welcoming. I- I'm so sorry man." Glancing over to Aidan he looked embarrassed "thanks for stopping me Aid" he muttered before turning back to Dean, extending a weary hand out "Can we start over?" he asked with a worried smile.
The cast members held their breath as Dean closed his eyes for a second before smiling softly himself and clasping James' hand warmly.

"Dean O'Gorman. Nice to meet you."

Later in the night, Dean was wincing next to Aidan in the brunette's trailer after apologising a million times to everyone on the off beat that James didn't, until they began to scream at Aidan to remove him before they hit him themselves. The Irishman had laughed at that and ushered Dean quickly away for fear his friend would walk himself into more danger... Or fists.

He dabbed carefully at Dean's cheek with wet gauze with furrowed brows "you see? That's Northerners for yeh. Always ready for a bloody fight. I could've warned you if you weren't so hot headed" he mumbled, Dean chuckling lightly before grimacing at the shooting pain through his cheek.

"The guy's old enough to be my Grandad!" the blonde grinned "I thought he'd be a push over!" Aidan really laughed at that.

"Never underestimate the Irish O'Gormon. We're made of stronger stuff than you soft buggers."
"Dually noted, I'll keep my softness in mind in the future" Dean grinned and Aidan's eyes flicked up at the other's and he almost gasped at how close their faces had gotten before smiling softly and nodding "There you go, all done!"

"Ahh thanks" Dean rested against the small table gingerly "well, come on then. Lets see the damage!" he nodded over to the mirror that hung beside Aidan's bed.
"You sure? It's still a bit swollen- Make up will have a fit." the Irishman fussed around the elder like a mother hen, making Dean laugh.
"I'm not a child Aid, Just help me up a sec-" he breathed deeply, clasping the top of Aidan's reluctant arm helping him over to the mirror. He paused, "thank you for defending my, by the way" he smiled gratefully.
Aidan laughed nervously, his cheeks turning slightly pink "well. I could hardly watch you get turned to mince meat could I?" they both grinned.
"It was really impressive actually. Even I was slightly scared. Poor James!" Dean bit his lip, shaking his head.
"Hell, I scared myself for a moment! I thought I was about to sprout fangs all Mitchell style." he laughed before realising Dean might not understand the reference "sorry, Mitchell was-"
"I know who Mitchell is Aid" the blonde rolled his eyes "I've seen every episode actually" Dean admitted shyly "what?" he responded to Aidan's shocked, almost pleased face "it's a really addictive show! Now come on, mirror, now!"
"Al right, all right" Aidan grumbled. 

Dean's brows furrowed when he saw his reflection in the square glass. "Shit Nesbitt. Leave some face there to recognise" he chuckled, touching his cheek lightly with the tips of his fingers.
"Hey, it's not so bad-" Aidan began as Dean rolled his eyes at him in the mirror.

"D you ant a punch Turner? I look like a Goonie!" he pulled a face "hey you guys!" the two men laughed at the reflection in the mirror.

"Well I think your face is lovely" Aidan chuckled from where his chin rested on Dean's shoulder "bashed up and all."
The blonde turned to look at his friend, all smiles and warm honey eyes "really?" he ventured, really studying Aidan for the first time.
"Really." and without stopping to think, he leant forward and pressed a ghostly light kiss to Dean's poorly cheekbone, startling the shorter man.
"Ahh sorry" Aidan fidgeted with the hair at the back of his neck, looking at the mirror above Dean's head awkwardly, searching for an explanation to his over-friendly actions.

"No. Don't be" Dean smiled at the embarrassed man in front of him "I like your face too, even when you're in scary vampire mode."
Aidan was too shocked to realise the closeness of Dean's face until soft lips pressed against his own for the smallest of seconds before the blonde pulled back and met brown eyes with his own blue grey, Dean waiting expectantly for Aidan's response.
The brunette's face split into a breaming smile, taking Dean's cheek in his hand "You know, I could always try kissing it better?" he suggested cheekily.
"I think you better had." the blonde agreed, suddenly feeling much better as Aidan's mouth crushed against his own, a smile creeping against his sore lips.


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Jan. 20th, 2013 04:56 am (UTC)
UGH! Awesome fic hon! Love me some h/c!
Jan. 25th, 2013 10:59 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed this. Living together for so long, seeing each other every moment of every day, minus a couple of hours of sleep, must put a strain on those guys. No wonder tempers flare every now and again. There definitely isn't enough h/c in the fandom yet. Great stuff!
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