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And For All The Time To Come.

Here we go again! Written for a Tumblr prompt "can you write an aidean fic where they live together after filming the hobbit and are just really domestic and cuddly with loads of kissing and laughing and cups of tea and being cute husbands? :3" So HERE'S TO YOU ANONYMOUS! A little bit shorter than normal, but made with love all the same ^.^ It's un-beta'd because I'm lazy so all mistakes are my own and you can flog me for them later.

"Tea." a no-nonsense voice demanded from a mouth connected to a body that Aidan knew was hiding beneath the mountain of pillows and duvet that he had managed to steal throughout the night again, leaving the brunette awake and cold to hear the stubborn request.
He grumbled words of feeble protest before a blue-grey eye stared at him from a gap in the blankets slowly rising a falling between breaths and with a huff, he threw his legs out of bed and padded to the kitchen like the hopeless slave he was "Fine, fine. I'll make tea."

It had been almost a year since they had wrapped up shooting, life had gone from chaos and long days to normality, long nights and late mornings. It had been strange at first, acclimatising to a world neither had imagined before they had met; learning to work as one part of a whole instead of plowing through every day alone, like they had done for as long as either could remember.

Life could be hard for actors, long periods away from home and family, from your own bed and your own crazy-ass sub-standard cooking. It was full on and hectic and never certain but that was the way Aidan liked it, the way they both liked it. It was the only way they understood.
It was understandable then, why they both slightly feared the down time to come after filming had ended. Their relationship had come about because of work, had grown during work, had been so perfect then with little distractions and time wasting tasks- but what would happen after? When they weren't constantly surrounded by others and friends, by laughter and drama? What would it be like when they were alone, really alone, for the first time? How would they react to having a relationship with someone that they couldn't just wave goodbye to for months at a time? Were all questions they had asked themselves.

Aidan loved Dean. Sure, that love had changed over time from friendship to real, stomach churning, sick making love but deep down, it had always been the same thing really. He loved him completely, trusted him completely and that was why when the blonde had suggested they looked for a place together  it had seemed only natural, logical.
A place in the center of the chaos that was their lives, a place for peace and quiet. For them.

London had seemed logical too, being a nice place to stay connected with everyone, good for work and for socialising. And it was good. Good in so many ways Aidan hadn't expected. Good to have that one person to talk to and laugh with, to do crosswords with on Sundays. Good to find all those irritable little things about someone and find out that they never really irritated you in the first place, because they made up someone you loved. Good to clean up after the mess that was theirs. Great. Wonderful. In so many ways that Aidan knew he'd never be able to write down on paper without making himself sick with the domestic cuteness of it all.

He smiled at that thought. Domestic. He supposed they had become that,  times of day slotting together comfortably, each doing little unacknowledged tasks because they- ah. Shit. Well, jobs got done most of the time, anyway.
The Irishman's thoughts were cut short from their wanderings as he opened the lit of the tea pot to find the inside staring at him blankly We're out of tea Aid! quot;Yeah thanks for letting me know Dean" he sighed fondly before changing tactics and making coffee instead. That was one of those little irritating things about Dean- he never added things to the shopping list so they were always running out of things unexpectedly. Short-ass liability that he was.

Taking the mugs back to bed with him, he grinned wickedly. Dean wasn't the biggest coffee lover in the world. By anyone's standards.   
"Dean" he crooned sweetly, holding out the mug innocently.
A blonde head appeared groggily from the blanket pit and a hand reached up to snatch the coveted drink from his hand.
"Mmm thank you" he smiled lazily from the rim "morning"
Aidan sat on the bed expectantly, taking a sip of his own not-tea and watching Dean out of the corner of his eye "moooorning".
"Urgh" the elder shivered after taking an over-sized gulp. How he hadn't smelled the difference by this point, Aidan would never know. "What? Coffee? Why coffee, why would you do that to me?" Dean turned puppy-dog eyes at the man beside him "teaaaaa Aid, morning teaaa. There's a difference. They taste different!" Aidan laughed at his boyfriend's tea rant with slight smug satisfaction  truth be told.

"Well it would be tea. If someone remembered to buy some when we ran out" he explained, watching the realisation dawn on Deans face in over-the-top heartbroken fashion.
"I did it again, didnt I?" the blonde bit his lip apologetically "sorry baby" a head rested against Aidan's shoulder softly.
"Shut up ya numpty, it's only you that's paying the price. I'm good with coffee" as if to re-alliterate the fact, taking a big gulp of his own "you know what that means though, don't you Mr Sleepy?"
"Noooooo" "Dean whined, set his mug down and disappeared back beneath the sheets in a nanosecond like an absurd man-sized Caterpillar. 
"Oh yes!" he grinned with a whoop "It's time for another episode of...Dean goes shopping!"
"Nooo" came the disembodied voice again "It's raining and its cold and nooo!"
"We live in Britain, Dean. Rain isn't going to kill you, you're a man, not a bar of soap! The shop is only down the road" Aidan placed a hand on the shape that looked most like Dean's shoulder reassuringly "I'll be here when you get back."
"What if it rains so much, I need a canoe to get back, and I don't have a canoe and I die? I'm going to die and it'll all be your fault because you wouldn't come with me. When my parents ask, why did he die Aidan? You'll have to say, because I was a crap provider and made him go hunting alone, like the bad, awful, horrible boyfriend that I am!" Dean's face appeared so serious that Aidan thought his sides would split with laughter.
"You're such a baby! Besides, this theoretical canoe- I don't have one either, so if I go, I'll die and the you' be the crap boyfriend." sound logic, he decided and Dean thought a moment.
"Or we could die together?" he grinned, running a finger lightly up Aidan's forearm  "that makes much more sense!"
"How?" the brunette challenged with a snort "how does that make any sense?"
"Because you love me" Dean grinned, knowing he had won when Aidan's features softened and his shoulders slumped with exasperation.
"Yeah I do" he groaned with a dopey smile that was mirrored in the blonde's own.
"Yeah you do" he leaned to press his lips against the taller's "and I love you too."
"Good" Aidan grinned, not really caring about the fight he'd lost "come on, get dressed then" he looked around for his own discarded top, looking back to see Dean staring with disdain out of the window at the cold wet day.
"What now, big baby?" he laughed  arms folded at the man who was born and raised in the sun and heat, and who hated being cold with a passion.
"It's more serious than I thought. We're going to need that canoe after all."


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Jan. 25th, 2013 08:30 pm (UTC)
Sooooo adorable!!!! <3
Jan. 25th, 2013 10:54 pm (UTC)
Cute and sweet: just the way I like it!
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