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Aidean Fiction
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Aidan Turner/Dean O´Gorman fan fiction

Welcome to aidean_fiction, a community dedicated to slash fiction featuring 'The Hobbit' actors Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman.

This is a RPF community, meaning that it’s specifically dedicated to the actors and not the characters they portray. For Kíli/Fíli fiction I recommend you to have a look around Livejournal for another appropriate community to post.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to share fan fiction, fanart, icons and general squee about the two handsome men mentioned above!

General Community Rules:

Be kind.
Respect each other.
No flaming.
No trolling.
Please use a cut when posting long entries.
If your entry contains spoilers for any of the films, please state so. Some people have not read 'The Hobbit' and do not wish to be spoilered.

Fan Fiction Rules:

Rate your fiction accordingly.
Use warnings if needed.
Use a cut.

Fanart Rules:

Rate your work if it depicts explicit content and/or add a warning 'not worksafe'.
Use a cut when posting large artwork.
Please post a review of 3-5 icons for icon posts. The rest can be placed under a cut.
When taking icons, please credit the artist when used.

For questions and suggestions you can contact the moderator lenore_writing via PM.

I wish everyone a very happy stay!